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Welcome to my Website dedicated to the SR71 and other military aircraft along with brave men and women of he U.S. military whom made the world safe for freedom. I would like to thank my sources of information and pictures and my visitors.

In an unfortunate turn of events, on Nov. 2007 all remaining SR-71's and support equipment was shredded, buried, or otherwise destoryed. The SR-71 is now serving as a history lesson in aircraft museums. However, you can own your own piece of Blackbird history by visiting, Dan Freeman's website. Dan was involved in the Blackbird program in the metals technology section. His prices are reasonable and can allow the average SR-71 fan to own their own piece of history.

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July 9, 2012: Added Latrobe PA Airshow

May 31, 2009: Added Grand Canyon National Park airport Pictures Page

May 28, 2009: Added New Documents to the Documents Page

Apr 20, 2009: Added new pictures to the Military 4 Gallery and the Military 5 Gallery

Nov 11, 2008: Added Aviation Nation 2008 Page to the Military Gallery

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