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FirebirdV8's SR71& Military Aircraft Site

Welcome to my Website dedicated to the SR71 and other military aircraft along with brave men and women of he U.S. military whom made the world safe for freedom. I would like to thank my sources of information and pictures and my visitors.

This website has been a hobby of mine since the early 2000's. In my professional life I work as an avionics engineer and this keeps me very busy. As a result this website has not been kept up to date like it should be. I will be working on a complete website remodel over the next few months, so please be patient as this happens.

Thank you for your support

See below for a list of recent website updates.

4/7/2023 Added more warbird specifications pages
4/7/2023 Added A-12 Gallery
4/8/2023 Added YF-12 Gallery
5/27/2023 Added USN Gallery #1 and XV-15 and V-22 Gallery

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